MS: Did you have  wild water Sprint competitions in Australia actually already on the Olympic course in Penrith?
RMC: There are mainly slalom competitions and extended rafting competitions, for wild water Sprint there is still no international competition on the Olympic track in Penrith offered

The both Netherland competitors Raf van Rijswick had no luck in finals, they miss the ideal line at the course, Raf was at the end 14th and Sebastian Verhaagh had problems with his footrest and scars after he had passed the “Bogenbrücke” close to passing a capsize and leaving disappointed. But at the beginning of the race we had a interview with both: Wwe were there in 2011 at first White Water Sprint Championsship and we remember the longer distance with 600 meters, we like it to have a longer distance but the course at Augsburg is beautiful and we are happy to be here, we’ll do our best.”

ICF Wildwater Sprint Ranking Race in Augsburg was hosted by Kanu Schwaben Augsburg through the leader of the club Horst Woppowa and his experienced team they made a good job and important . they have  a really  interesting venue and the athletes from all over the world loves the course, the venue and the surrounding, not only in canoe slalom discipline, although in whitewater sprint.


ICF WW Sprint Ranking Race in Augsburg - C II Juniors/Men

1.NIES Matthias/PESCH Dominik FFB Faltbootfreunde Brühl 58.35 0.00

2.WIRTZ(JUN) Roman/SUELZER(JUN Janosch FFB Faltbootfreunde Brühl 59.75 +1.40

3. GESCHER(JUN) Jonathan/REITH(JUN) Aaron KCF Kanu Club Fulda 60.10 +1.75

ICF WW Sprint Ranking Race in Augsburg - Kajak I Women- Finals

1. STOEBERL Manuela KKR Kajak Klub Rosenheim 57.05 0.00

2. BACH Birgit BWR WSV Blau-Weiß Rheidt 59.34 +2.29

3. FUESSER Sabine KSA Kanu Schwaben Augsburg 59.41 +2.36

ICF WW Sprint ranking race in Augsburg - kayak I Men - finals

1. BONG Tobias RKC Rhein-Kanu-Club Köln 51.52 0.00

2 .BEERSCHWENGER Bjoern RKC Rhein-Kanu-Club Köln 51.62 +0.10

3. MC INTYRE Robert AUS Australia 51.90 +0.38

ICF WW Sprint Ranking Race in Augsburg - Canadier I Women - Finals

1. BARM Sabrina AKV Augsburger Kajak Verein 67.87 0.00

2. BARTH(JUN) Lea Sophie KCS Kanu-Club Sömmerda 78.59 +10.72

3. NEITZ(JUN) Julia MSV MSV Buna Schkopau 89.86 +21.99

ICF WW Sprint Ranking Race in Augsburg - Canadier I Men - Finals

1. PESCH Dominik FFB Faltbootfreunde Brühl 57.30 0.00

2. HEILINGER Tim RKC Rhein-Kanu-Club Köln 58.22 +0.92

3. ECKERT Jasper KCF Kanu Club Fulda 60.69 +3.39

Marianne Stenglein / Kanu Schwaben Augsburg / 10.05.2014

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