Canoeworlds: In Lofer there will start 100 athletes from 15 Nations. What do you think about this number of entries?

Jens Perlwitz: I have to admit, 15 Nations are not too much. Of course I would be happy to welcome more nations, but the quality of the championships in Lofer will be on an high level. I already saw the paddlers from the different countries. They are all in a good shape.

Canoeworlds: Are there ideas to develop wildwater canoeing?

Jens Perlwitz: Yes of course, we like to simplify our rules. This might be an easier part to develop wildwater canoeing, but there are a lot of ideas, like head-to-head-races, what we have to discuss.

Canoeworlds: What is your personal opinion about head-to-head-races?

Jens Perlwitz: I see these kind of races differentiated. On the one hand it is a chance to have an attractive sport with spectecular duels. But on the other hand, you need a jury, who need to judge contacts. We would create a contact sport, in which fouls are possible.

Canoeworlds: What about the monotype boats?

Jens Perlwitz: It is still a very interesting subject. For the smaller nations it is a great chance to save money, because they won´t have transport costs, if the organizer would lend them the monotypes. But you have to see, that a lot of paddlers like to have individual adaptions for their own boats.

Canoeworlds: At the one personal wish for the future!

Jens Perlwitz: I wish to have international championships with participating countries from each continent. I support the development of wildwater canoeing in smaller countries to increase the wildwater-family.